Mindset and Ethics

A trusted partnership

A project in mind? Let’s study it together and develop the best action plan to achieve your goal! You are now one of our special partners!!!

Close collaboration for concrete results

Reaching your goals requires efficiency. Whatever position you hold in your organisation, we want to help you achieve the best possible creative solutions.

Our original creations


We have invented for you several tools inspired by our 15 years of expertise… on top of our pallet of 100 creative techniques!

Let’s explore together different paths to find new ideas… genius ideas of course!

Pep, imagination and a zest for living!


That’s us! At Le Creativ’ Center!

A playful and friendly atmosphere to open new doors and give the best of yourself!

Our ethic

Because we fully respect our clients, we abide by the ethical codes of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Environmental and social responsibility

Humanity and our planet above all!

We actively support sustainable development particularly in our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint.

We have chosen to sponsor training in innovation skills in several environmental and welfare organisations.