All about us!

Marie-Claire Le Reun and her team

At Le Creativ’ Center, we have two passions!

The development of human potential and creativity! For more than 15 years (already!), our team of Consultant-Coachs accompanies you with your challenges. Marie-Claire, Founder of Le Creativ’ Center, tells you her story.

A flying start!

After several years in international corporate communication, I devoted myself to a new adventure. Different expeditions in Human Sciences have taught me everything :-) ! The Hermann personality inventory, Applied NLP, Voice Dialogue, Visualisation, Coaching, Management and Team-Building.

Full speed ahead!

Operational Creativity and Innovation hold no secrets for me who have attended numerous training sessions including the CNAM in Paris, the Creative Problem Solving Institute in the United States as well as Design Thinking, Innovation Games and Lego® Serious Play®.

And my curiosity doesn’t end here!

Explorer of innovation, I widen my horizon travelling the world. As news projects come along, several trusty Consultant-Coachs join me because le Creativ’ Center is, above all, a Dream Team!

The Creative Adventure invents itself everyday

After the audacious experimentations with voyages in the future, around ubiquity and watering can of ideas, we have created several tools and games to facilitate the generation of new creative solutions.